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Then for Now

'Then for Now', a comprehensible configuration of result, experience and effect can be seen to characterise a particular formative point in general. Distinct characteristics surround art from any period. It is possible to say that something is so such and such, so late 1990's/early 2000's, for example, and this exhibition brings together work by artists who worked together at Delfina Foundation at a formative and exciting time in British art. The beginning of the 2000's was not at all long ago, yet artists had a different relation to money and market. Delfina helped support the wave characterised by the work in the exhibition, although what is simplistically called the young British Artist had long passed by…

The artists here have contributed work made whilst they were there, during any time up to and including the present, that is generally the result of creative communality. Encouraged to artistically indulge themselves at Delfina, with a level of concentration reserved now for only the already successful, they were able to make art without the fear and pressure of an enormous studio rent on top of everything else, and thrived in a communal situation conditioned by generous common sense. Artists worked in an atmosphere different to today, and were protected from market consciousness rather than conditioned by it. The daily meal costing just £1.00 provided a base for interaction, for mutual support and discussion. Time in Bermondsey Street was so powerful that it established friendship and loyalties that have carried on through to today.


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