Sacha Craddock - critic & curator

Paul Carter: Municipal
CGP London, September 2016

Rubble becomes rune with Paul Carter’s work, as the associative qualities of raw, completely formed, or even totally cooked material, mix expectation and realisation. Stuff and surface are really the same thing. A lift, which cannot move, is there with reminiscent sound, the metallic click and clunk reverberates and  bounces off porous plastered walls as collapse hovers at the edge of construction.

The idea is to combine the function of total installation with that of an interactive and energetic sculpture, and the gallery, as a whole, is transformed into one continual surface. Worn generalities held tight and still, are framed by focussed moments. The generous expansive overview is punctuated by blasts of lyrical promise, layers of stain and jagged breaks. Carter’s rendering directs a sense of loss as well as gain. The intimate composition or invention, becomes the basis of the work, of course, with the implication of something continuously spreading across the wall.
Paul Carter’s work is about possibility and transition, a range of detail, colour and code where everything is half working and hard working. The notion of being lost within a force of energy, the activity of making and producing leads to a blue print, or artists impression, rather than a realised plan.

(Muncipal Blue, Series of 10) courtesy the artist/CGP London

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