Sacha Craddock - critic & curator


Benjamin Senior: Breathless

Published by Anomie, spring 2015 


Senior's recent street scenes have demonstrated the evolution of his use of pattern, alluding to associative content, the heightened decoration of the street.

The ornamentation and decorative architectural elements add another layer of pattern-based complexity. The figures emerge and disappear into the scenes to varying degrees, returning to the Prado, a scene with a wicker basket in a Joachim Patenir painting, or the head of a dog in a Goya oil sketch. A Balthus-like hiker posing in Senior's directly luxuriant painting of Beacon Hill, 2014, is independent and trapped. There is a struggle between the relation to the surface and the over all pictorial. The figures do not express but are attractive, their stylised depiction a short hand for their conformity. From a compact rotation of action within the space, from trapped comic rendition, the sensibility and seriousness of painting fills the ground and a static still life makes the painting itself.

© Sacha Craddock - Mar. 2015



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