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Essays, Interviews, Articles and Exhibitions

Catalogues and Monographs

Selma Parlour, Exhibition text 2018
Stuart Croft, for the Stuart Croft Foundation 2017
Hurvin Anderson, Turner Prize 2017
Lubaina Himid, Turner Prize 2017
Richard Healy, publication by Tenderbooks, 2017
Wolfgang Tillmans,  Review  Tate Modern, 2017
Louise Gluck at the Fine Art Society Ishbel Myerscough, Bettina von Zwehl, Jennifer Durrant, Vanessa Jackson, Cathie Pilkington, Annie Morris, Caroline Walker, Eileen Cooper, Geraldine Swayne, Annie Kevan, Phoebe Boswell, 2017
To-Do Lists The Pram in the Hall, by Alice Instone, 2016
Gillian Wearing at IVAM Valencia 2016
Alison Wilding Art House Foundation, 2016
Carnival Glass Lewis Betts, Freya Douglas-Morris, Grant Foster, Archie Franks, Brian Griffiths, Lydia Hardwick, Lana Locke, 2016 
Patrick Caulfield The Rebel Magazine, ed. Harry Pye, 2016
Paul Carter, Cafe Gallery Projects, 2016
Mark Boulos monograph, ed. Matthew Schum, Forma 2016
Bonham's 'Women Only Sale', catalogue: Kusama, Richier, Nevelson, Dadomainia, 2016
Then for Now Chantal Joffe, Martin Westwood, Richard Woods, Anna Barriball and more, Delfina Foundation, 2015
Benjamin Senior: Breathless monograph, 2015
Sadler's Wells: Objects in the Forest Ellen Macdonald, Medrie MacPhee, Bernhard Martin, Jill Mason, William Stein and Caragh Thuring, 2009
Ken Lum catalogue Kunsthalle Vienna, 2000


Selected interviews and panel talks 

Luncheon Magazine Interview with Tali Silver  2017
Jerwood Foundation
Sacha Craddock, Archie Franks and Francesca Blomfield in conversation, 2016
Frieze panel talk: Goshka Macuga and Mira Calix, International Institute of Intellectual Cooperation
Moderated by Sacha Craddock, October 2016
Permeate: Symposium with Matthew Burrows, Matthew Collings, Sacha Craddock and Sarah Dwyer
Eric Bainbridge
In conversation, 2015
Spencer Finch: Tate American Artist Lecture Series
Sacha Craddock and Spencer Finch in conversation, May 2014
John Moores Prize 2008
Podcast: Speeches by David Fleming, Prof. Phil Redmond, Reyahn King, Lady Grantchester and Sacha Craddock.

Selected Articles: The Guardian

Behold The Man Photographers Gallery, 1998
Rites of Passage 1995
Jeremy Millar 1994
Cornelia Parker 1991
Gateshead Garden Festival 1990
Jamaica Aroused 1990
Nicholas May 1990
Anthony Caro 1989
Salvador Dali 1989
Jenny Holzer 1989
Saatchi Collection 1989
Ikon Gallery Frankfurt Exchange,1989
Rosemarie Trockel 1988
Lucio Fontana 1988


Selected Articles: The Times

Gillian Ayres 1996
Tate Now 1995
Turner Prize 1995
Steve McQueen 1994
Martin Parr 1990


Selected Exhibitions and Events Organised

Curated Exhibitions

2017 Strike Site, Pi Artworks London: Brian Griffiths, Siobhan Hapaska, Jack Killick, Alice Hartley, Ana Cvorovic, Anna Fasshauer
2016 Gillian Wearing, IVAM Valencia
2016 New Contemporaries at The Bluecoat 
2013 Polish Art Now, Saatchi Gallery London
2009 Within: New Photographic Portraits, Bloomberg Space
2008 Fade in / Fade Out, Bloomberg Space
On The Rocks: Richard Deacon and Bill Woodrow, Bloomberg Space
The Fall: Stefan Bruggemann and Dr Atl., Bloomberg Space
If: people and places in recent film and video, Bloomberg Space
Sarah Beddington: Places of Laughter and of Crying, Bloomberg Space
2007 Heather and Ivan Morrison: The Land of Cockaigne, Bloomberg Space
Paul Morrison, Bloomberg Space
Gabriel Lester: BIG BANG and Assorted Minor Explosions
2006 Bertrand Lavier
To Here From There, Bloomberg Space
Olivo Barbieri: Site Specific Backdrop, Bloomberg Space
2005 Gillian Wearing: Snapshot 1979
The Mind is a Horse Part 2: film and video, Bloomberg Space
Phyllida Barlow: Skit
2004 Shellburne Thurber: Analytical Interiors/ Abandoned Interiors
Chantal Joffe and Kenny Macleod, Bloomberg Space
Collage, Bloomberg Space
Art School, with Sally O' Reilly, Bloomberg Space
2003 Goshka Macuga: Kabinett der Abstrakten, Bloomberg Space
2002 The Mind is a Horse: film and video, Bloomberg Space
Rene Daniels and Karin Ruggaber, Bloomberg Space


Sadler's Wells – Curator until April 2010
2009 Ulla von Brandenburg 'Curtain II'
Objects in the Forest
Mother, Vaughan Grylls
2008 Nelson Crespo
William Hunt, Jess Flood Paddock and Matthew Darbyshire
Vanessa Jackson, Wall painting
2007 Landscape Photography
Pierre Bismuth
Over and Over Again POSTERS
2006 Peter Fillingham 'Xmas'
Andreas Reiter Raabe
Jo Bruton
2005 Poseidon Adventure
Braco D
Richard Woods
2004 Enrico David


Bloomberg SPACE, Comma Series, Launched in March 2009.
Curated by David Risley, Graham Gussin, Stephen Hepworth, Sacha Craddock and Vanessa Desclaux.

Comma 39 – Stuart Croft
Comma 38 – Arnaud Desjardin
Comma 37 – Gereon Krebber
Comma 36 – David Lamelas
Comma 35 – Nora Schultz
Comma 34 – Marcellvs L
Comma 33 – Linda Quinlan
Comma 32 – Lidwien van de Ven
Comma 31 – Myriam Mechita
Comma 30 – David Jablonowski
Comma 29 – Julien Bismuth
Comma 28 – Adrian Paci
Comma 27 – Elina Brotherus
Comma 26 – Ernst Caramelle
Comma 25 – Suchan Kinoshita
Comma 24 – Boyd Webb
Comma 23 – Jedediah Ceasar
Comma 22 – Naheed Raza
Comma 21 – Martin Honert
Comma 20 - Marc Camille Chaimowicz
Comma 19 - Damien Deroubaix
Comma 18 - Charlotte Moth
Comma 17 - Bernd Behr
Comma 16 - Dorothy Cross
Comma 15 - Ian Kiaer
Comma 14 - Vicky Wright
Comma 13 - Irina Korina
Comma 12 - Martin Westwood
Comma 11 - Melissa Marks
Comma 10 - Stuart Cumberland
Comma 9 - Andrew Mania
Comma 8 - DJ Simpson
Comma 7 - Peter Liversidge
Comma 6 - Jadranka Korsocic
Comma 5 - Dan Perjovschi
Comma 4 - Jaime Gili
Comma 3 - Jose Davila
Comma 2 - Marjolijn Dijkman
Comma 1 - Miguel Palma


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Executive Member - AICA
Member of Faculty - British School at Rome
Chair - New Contemporaries
Trustee - Shelagh Cluett Trust
Trustee - Braziers
Trustee - Art House Foundation
Arts Advisor - Royal Borough Kensington and Chelsea





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